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Cheetah Tracking in the Karoo

Samara Private Game Reserve

Hurry! Experience valid from 01 May 2022 til 30 Jul 2022

  • Min 1 guests - Max 2 guests
  • Min 2 nights
  • Per person per night sharing

One of the highlights of a stay at Samara is the opportunity to track wild cheetah on foot. Thanks to a number of calm individuals, starting with the famous Sibella, they have been able to offer unrivalled wild cheetah viewing to many years of Samara guests.

Several of Samara’s cheetahs have radio collars for research and monitoring purposes to inform our conservation management. These collars also enable them to be tracked more easily. This is essential given the type of terrain they live in – from hunting in the thicket adjoining the rivers to giving birth on steep mountain slopes. Depending on the vegetation, your guide will also teach you to track the old-fashioned way – pointing out the signs of a cheetah’s presence, from tracks to dung to scratch marks on a tree trunk.

Samara Private Game Reserve

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    The Manor consists of four elegantly designed lodge suites that can accommodate …

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  • A place your heart yearns to return to

    Samara is one of those places your heart always yearns to return to. It has become the benchmark to which we compare other game reserves we visit.

    C. van Rensberg

  • Pioneering Venture

    Samara is a pioneering venture to restore one of South Africa's ecologically important areas - the Karoo. It is a privilege to see tourism and ecology so successfully combined.

    M. Wayne-Gordon

Hurry! Experience valid from 01 May 2022 til 30 Jul 2022

From R 15000.00
/ per person per night sharing

Min 2 nights

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