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Chimpanzees: Meet our closest relatives

What to expect from Chimpanzees: Meet our closest relatives

Chimp trekking in Uganda is an incredible experience, allowing visitors to observe and learn about one of our closest living relatives in their natural habitat. Lucky guests get to observe their social behaviour in trees and on the ground. During the trek, you may be able to observe the chimpanzees as they forage for food, groom one another, and play.

Uganda is home to several chimpanzee populations, including the famous Kibale National Park, which is considered one of the best places in the world to see chimpanzees in the wild. Chimp trekking tours typically start early in the morning, when chimpanzees are most active. Visitors are accompanied by a trained guide who will lead them on a hike through the forest to the chimpanzees' feeding and nesting sites. The guide will provide information about the chimpanzees and their behavior, as well as the broader ecosystem of the forest.

What we love

By experiencing our closest relatives up-close and personal, a chimp trekking experience helps raise awareness about chimpanzees and the importance of their conservation. The income generated from tourism can help to fund conservation initiatives and support the development of local infrastructure, such as schools and healthcare facilities. In addition, local communities may be employed as guides or support staff for chimp trekking tours, providing them with additional income and opportunities.

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