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Jan - Dec 2023

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Ethiopian Wolf Expedition

What to expect from Ethiopian Wolf Expedition

The Ethiopian Highlands, and the Ethiopian Wolf and other endemic fauna and flora that survive there, are relics of a long-forgotten age. Isolated islands in the sky harbour the last populations of this striking and charismatic creature (at any one time the global population is between 250 and 500 animals). Like these ‘red jackals’, just about everything up here – plants, birds, mammals, scenery – is different from the rest of Africa. The age of the landscape, the solitude, and the unique environment cannot fail to make an impact on you. On this expedition, you search for wolves, you explore all of the accessible parts of the Bale ecosystem – from the grasslands at Gaysay, to the juniper woodlands at Dinsho, the plateau at Sanetti and more – in search of other species like Mountain Nyala, Menelik’s Bushbuck and the Bale Monkey, not to mention birds like Blue-winged Goose and a veritable feast of raptors

What we love

Privelaged private viewing of the Ethiopian Wolves in thier highest density areas as well as other interesting flora and fauna species. Experience the exceptional Afro-alpine ecosystem and solitude

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The rate is based on a party of 4, however can accommodate up to 8 guests.

Includes: Accommodation, road transfers, all meals, drinks and activities.

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