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mFulaWozi Wilderness Mthembu Lodge


Accommodation options

Family Suite
Max 4 Guests
1 double, 1 twin

from R 8250 / per person per night sharing

Luxury Suites
Max 2 Guests
1 double

from R 8250 / per person per night sharing

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About mFulaWozi Wilderness Mthembu Lodge

Tucked away in the heart of Zululand in KwaZulu Natal, mFulaWozi Wilderness stands as a premium private game reserve host to the beautiful, historic Mthembu Loge. The escape offers the thrilling experience of encountering the Big 5, embarking on game drives, exploring the wilderness on walks, revelling in top-tier comfort, and indulging in tailored wellness treatments throughout the day. Positioned in a circular layout, mFulaWozi Wilderness Mthembu Lodge has been meticulously crafted by stone – bearing the mark of dedication from the skilled artisans of the Mthembu clan.

Beautifully situated on the embankment of the White iMfolozi River, the lodge features an intimate number of seven luxurious one-bedroom suites and two spacious family suites, each offering breathtaking views of the unparalleled wilderness. Observe free-roaming wildlife from the serene comfort of your suite, enjoying a peaceful sanctuary that has been designed for relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery.

mFulaWozi Wilderness Mthembu Lodge Setting

Situated completely off the grid in the vast plains of Zululand, South Africa, mFulaWozi Wilderness Mthembu Lodge provides a serene, intimate, and naturally sophisticated ambience. The lodge seamlessly blends inventive design with stylish African accents, offering a unique space where guests can immerse themselves in the unparalleled experience of observing wildlife up close, whether from the tranquillity of the private deck or during a game drive.

The beauty of mFulaWozi Wilderness Mthembu Lodge speaks for itself, capturing breathtaking views across the iMfolozi River. This panoramic backdrop adds another layer to the retreat, where you can take the time to unwind, rejuvenate, and rediscover. It offers an exclusive oasis tailored for the discerning traveller, providing an authentic encounter with the untouched wonders of the African bushveld.

What's included

  • Two game drives daily
  • All meals
  • House wines, local brand spirits, beers & soft drinks.


How to get there

  • 2 hrs

    Durban Airport

  • mFulaWozi Wilderness Mthembu Lodge

    Hluhluwe Game Reserve No 17439 At the Farm uMfolozi Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park, 3901

  • Check in at mFulaWozi Wilderness Mthembu Lodge

    14:00 on day of arrival

  • Check out at mFulaWozi Wilderness Mthembu Lodge

    10:00 on day of departure

Frequently asked questions


    mFulaWozi Wilderness Mthembu Lodge impact highlights

    mFulaWozi encompasses a rich blend of history, culture, wilderness, and wildlife, driven by the mission to safeguard both the natural landscapes and the local communities for the benefit of future generations. Serving as a crucial stronghold for the Zulu nation, mFulaWozi stands as a guardian of its pristine wilderness and diverse wildlife.

    mFulaWozi is leading the way in establishing a sustainable model for socio-economic development in local communities that have faced challenges in recent years. By empowering these disadvantaged communities, they now can manage various initiatives, fostering a resilient economic environment. This serves as a blueprint for a future where both humans and wildlife coexist and flourish.

    Additionally, mFulaWozi is dedicated to preserving the rich history and culture of the Zulu people. Recognizing Zululand's turbulent yet captivating history, mFulaWozi's legacy is rooted in the conservation of this history and a steadfast commitment to preserving the unique aspects of the Zulu culture. A visit to mFulaWozi extends beyond a typical safari experience; it becomes a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of local communities, their cultural heritage, and the protection of wildlife.

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