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Boschendal Cottage 1685


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About Boschendal Cottage 1685

Situated beneath the majestic silhouette of the Simonsberg mountain, Boschendal Cottage 1685 offers breathtaking views of the Boschendal Estate and the surrounding Cape Winelands Valley. Crafted by Sir Herbert Baker in the Cape vernacular style, the cottage features polished yellowwood, rosewood, and teak, while the expansive verandah and rear stoep, with stunning vistas of Simonsberg, offer the perfect setting to enjoy outdoor relaxation. Situated in lovely seclusion, the cottage is the perfect combination of heritage and natural surrounds.

Featuring three bedrooms in the main house and an additional two bedrooms, a lounge, and a kitchenette in the annexe, the cottage is perfectly suited to families and friends seeking a tranquil retreat to unwind and appreciate the panoramic vistas. At Boschendal Cottage 1685, a dedicated host will cater to all your needs throughout your stay, ensuring a delightful experience, and each morning, you can savour a delicious breakfast right at your accommodations.

Boschendal Cottage 1685 Setting

The Cape Winelands region in South Africa stands out as a breathtaking destination celebrated for its outstanding wines, rich history, charming landscapes, and high-quality dining. Marked by vineyards and historic Cape Dutch architecture set against majestic mountains, the area is notably captivating. While its wine and cuisine offerings are widely acclaimed among visitors, the stunning scenery and diverse activities further enhance the experience.

Boschendal Estate serves as an ideal hub for visitors seeking a range of enjoyable activities, both on the farm and in the surrounding Winelands area. These activities include wonderful dining and wine experiences, mountain biking, hiking, and leisurely swims in the pool and farm dams, among much more. The main Werf Restaurant, Deli, Farm Shops, and gallery are just a short drive away, while shuttles are available for guests to navigate the farm easily.

What's included

  • Daily breakfast
  • Complimentary chocolate and wine pairing per person, at the Werf Restaurant Tasting Area.
  • Dedicated host daily from 07:00 - 16:00


How to get there

  • 1 hrs

    Cape Town

  • Boschendal Cottage 1685

    R310 Pniel Road, Franschhoek, 7680

  • Check in at Boschendal Cottage 1685

    14:00 on day of arrival

  • Check out at Boschendal Cottage 1685

    10:00 on day of departure

Frequently asked questions


    Boschendal Cottage 1685 impact highlights

    Boschendal Estate has implemented numerous initiatives to align with various sustainable movements. Removal of over 500 hectares of invasive vegetation, including acacias, hakeas, and pines, has yielded significant positive changes. This endeavor has not only improved birdlife and allowed free wildlife movement but has also notably enhanced the flow of small rivers originating from neighboring mountains. Formerly dry during much of the summer, these rivers now maintain a consistent year-round flow, thanks to four substantial streams.

    In the vineyards, the incorporation of cover crops serves multiple purposes, such as improving soil quality, deterring weed growth, aiding in pest control, and managing soil erosion. Water conservation strategies, including the removal of invasive trees, ensure a consistent and natural water supply. The estate also invests in irrigation systems prioritizing conservation efforts.

    As WWF Conservation Champions, Boschendal Estate is dedicated to biodiversity-friendly, regenerative farming practices, conserving natural areas, and continuously improving water and energy efficiencies.

    SIZA certification guarantees ethical and environmentally sound trade practices through the Farm Shop. Collaboratively assessing their environmental impact, undertaking conservation efforts, and adhering to prevailing labor legislation standards are essential components.

    Proudly IPW certified, Boschendal Estate aligns with international wine industry environmental sustainability criteria. This certification ensures that all aspects of wine production consider the environment, guaranteeing environmentally responsible practices from production to sale.

    Through collaboration with The Greater Simonsberg Conservancy, a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation and community services, Boschendal Estate engages in proactive conservation efforts covering 700 hectares of the farm. This partnership supports their commitment to preserving the land and contributing positively to neighboring communities.

    Enthusiasts keen on exploring this eco-conscious approach are encouraged to join a farm tour led by a knowledgeable local guide. These tours cover the Food Garden, Werf precinct, surrounding farmlands, and model farm, providing insights into the farm's history, regenerative farming practices, and sustainable gardening techniques.

    Additionally, diners at The Werf or The Deli can be assured that every item on their plate is sourced directly from neighboring farmlands, including free-range poultry, pasture-raised Angus cattle, and freshly harvested herbs and vegetables.

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