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Springsteen Cabins Tulbagh


Accommodation options

Glory Days
Max 2 Guests
1 double

from R 1630 / per room per night

Secret Garden
Max 4 Guests
2 double

from R 2530 / per room per night

Radio Nowhere
Max 2 Guests
1 double

from R 1630 / per room per night

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About Springsteen Cabins Tulbagh

Springsteen Cabins is a scenic and peaceful off-the-grid retreat in the countryside town of Tulbagh in the Western Cape, comprising a selection of luxurious eco-friendly container cabins that offer a surreal natural environment, surrounded by pristine fynbos vegetation, crystal-clear rivers, and invigorating fresh air. The escape has been inspired by the feeling of being lost in a Bruce Springsteen song, and promises a retreat that's beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring for those looking to get away from it all.

Each cabin is designed for comfort and style, providing a romantic escape with breathtaking views of the Tulbagh Valley. Explore the beauty of the minimalist design, complemented by eco-friendly features such as solar-powered electricity, a natural drainage system, and fresh spring water sourced from the mountains. Your stay at Springsteen Cabins promises not just relaxation but a commitment to preserving the planet.

Springsteen Cabins Tulbagh Setting

The Springsteen Cabins are strategically located approximately 110km from Cape Town, a mere 90-minute drive, on the Oudekloof farm just outside Tulbagh in South Africa. Enjoy panoramic views overlooking the valley and embrace the rich history of the Oudekloof wine estate and mountain pass. This region was crucial in early settlers' journeys over the Obiqua mountain into the fertile Tulbagh valley.

The natural setting is a testament to the importance of conservation, with its diverse fynbos vegetation and crystal-clear rivers. This area is home to key species contributing to the region's ecological balance. By choosing Springsteen Cabins, you actively participate in preserving this unique environment while indulging in a retreat.

What's included

  • Accommodation


How to get there

  • 2 hrs

    Cape Town International Airport

  • Springsteen Cabins Tulbagh

    Oudekloof Farm, Tulbagh, 6820

  • Check in at Springsteen Cabins Tulbagh

    14:00 on day of arrival

  • Check out at Springsteen Cabins Tulbagh

    10:00 on day of departure

Frequently asked questions


  • Incredible off the gird experience

    What a wonderful off-the-grid experience in a stunning setting. We did it as part of a mother and daughter road trip and we loved every moment of the beauty, peace and quite. The cabin is well equipped, crisp and clean. And to wake up with the sunrise through the big window at the foot of the bed is a very special touch. review


  • An escape from reality

    Absolutely amazing! Cabin situated away from the busy world to just relax and unwind. The hosts are absolutely amazing as well! I would highly recommend this place just to "escape from the real world". review


  • Hidden gem

    We stumbled across this little gem for a weekend getaway . Tulbagh has so much to offer - great food, great wine and beautiful views. The cabin is perfectly situated for all of the above mentioned, and the hot tub is such a bonus! review


Springsteen Cabins Tulbagh impact highlights

Springsteen Cabins in Tulbagh is making a significant positive impact on both conservation efforts and the local community. Their commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through their off-the-grid status, utilizing solar power to meet their energy needs. The cabins are constructed from sustainable materials, primarily wood and tin, with the innovative use of recycled shipping containers. This not only contributes to the reduction of waste but also promotes the principles of recycling and upcycling. Furthermore, the cabins rely on borehole water sourced from the surrounding mountains, minimizing their impact on local water resources. By adopting these eco-friendly practices, Springsteen Cabins is setting a commendable example in responsible tourism, fostering a harmonious relationship between tourism development and environmental preservation while positively impacting the local community through employment opportunities and sustainable practices.

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