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Poplars Farmhouse


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Poplars Farmhouse
Max 10 Guests
3 double, 2 twin

from R 617 / per person per night sharing

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About Poplars Farmhouse

Situated in the heart of the Great Karoo, between Graaff-Reinet and Nieu Bethesda, Poplars Farmhouse is a secluded self-catering retreat surrounded by the Sneeuberg Nature Reserve. Covering 14,500 hectares, the reserve established itself as a sanctuary for wildlife, playing a pivotal role within the Compassberg Protected Environment. This reserve not only houses various antelope species but also provides a habitat for a rich assortment of other wildlife, including the indigenous Nguni breed. The meticulously restored old farmhouse offers accommodation for up to 11 guests while maintaining an inviting ambience suitable for couples or smaller groups seeking a private retreat.

Flexible rates are available, tailoring the stay based on the number of rooms required. Surrounded by a large lawn and tucked among a copse of poplar trees, Poplars benefit from natural wind protection. The turquoise water of a swimming pool, repurposed from an old raised dam, along with vibrant red umbrellas, creates a picturesque oasis for relaxation with a panoramic view of the Karoo plains. The farmhouse features generously sized rooms and diverse dining and entertainment spaces, indoors and outdoors, making it an ideal venue for special occasions.

The farmhouse is also conveniently located just 100m from Karoo Cottage, which can accommodate six guests. This proximity makes the two residences perfect for larger groups desiring both closeness and privacy within the serene Karoo setting.

Poplars Farmhouse Setting

Sneeuberg Nature Reserve in South Africa offers an authentic Karoo experience, and with the absence of predators, the reserve provides a safe environment for leisurely walks, jogs, and cycling, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the scenic landscape and observe the local wildlife. Embark on a self-driven adventure or opt for a grounded exploration on foot or bike along various mountain, riverine, and scenic tracks. Immerse yourself in the true essence of the Karoo during evenings around a crackling fire, under crisp, clear, starry skies untouched by artificial light or sounds. The magic of these nights is heightened by the distant calls of nocturnal creatures, creating a unique and integral part of the Sneeuberg experience.

Additionally, relish the opportunity to indulge in a picnic in paradise, surrounded by untouched nature. Sneeuberg provides scattered picnic spots atop mountains, along riverbanks, and within plains and poplar forests. Whether through self-driven explorations, fireside moments, or picnicking in the heart of nature, Sneeuberg Nature Reserve offers a diverse range of experiences, inviting guests to connect with the enchanting landscapes and rhythms of the Karoo.

What's included

  • Accommodation


How to get there

  • 4 hrs


  • Poplars Farmhouse

    Graaff-Reinet Nieu-Bethesda Karoo Eastern Cape 6280

  • Check in at Poplars Farmhouse

    14:00 on day of arrival

  • Check out at Poplars Farmhouse

    10:00 on day of departure

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    Poplars Farmhouse impact highlights

    In 2012, the Sneeuberg Nature Reserve, in conjunction with four adjacent landowners, established the Compassberg Protected Environment (CPE), encompassing an area of approximately 26,000 hectares. This collaborative effort was undertaken in partnership with the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency's Stewardship Program, which aims to protect areas of specific natural importance and beauty by forming alliances with landowners. The Compassberg Protected Environment assumes a pivotal role in curbing excessive development, as well as mining and drilling activities for oil or gas, thereby safeguarding the overall integrity of the land. Noteworthy is the fact that the CPE holds the distinction of being the inaugural Protected Environment in the Eastern Cape and the second of its kind in South Africa.

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