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Lalibela Game Reserve Tree Tops


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About Lalibela Game Reserve Tree Tops

Lalibela Game Reserve Tree Tops is a stunning tented safari camp located on a private Big 5 wildlife reserve in the scenic Eastern Cape province. Positioned at tree top level on thatched platforms, the luxurious safari tents are interconnected by elevated walkways, providing breathtaking views of the densely wooded valley. The five en-suite rooms, featuring canvas walls and thatched roofs, boast expansive windows that immerse guests in the bush experience. Each room includes a private verandah, offering a secluded space for guests to unwind and enjoy the surroundings.

The lodge also features a spacious lounge and an open-air dining deck overlooking a small waterhole, and guests can relax in the sun by the swimming pool or unwind in the shaded gazebo. The waterhole attracts regular visits from elephants, and a resident group of Nyala is often observed from the rooms and walkways, while bird enthusiasts may be delighted by sightings of the beautiful Knysna Loerie. For an optimal African safari experience, we recommend a stay of 2 or 3 nights.

Lalibela Game Reserve Tree Tops Setting

Lalibela Game Reserve is a private wildlife concession in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, known for its exceptional, continuous, and self-sustaining expanse where various species roam freely. Unlike other reserves, Lalibela avoids separating lions, buffalos, and elephants into distinct enclosures, fostering a harmonious natural environment. Notably, Lalibela boasts more lions than visitors, and a strict policy on the number of vehicles per sighting ensures unparalleled wildlife encounters without disruptions.

The landscape itself contributes to Lalibela's uniqueness, with a prevalence of grassland savanna supporting an exceptionally high concentration of game, surpassing other Eastern Cape reserves. This abundance, combined with impressive numbers of plains game species, sustains a remarkable predator population. Furthermore, Lalibela stands out as one of the rare Eastern Cape reserves without public roads cutting through its vastness, guaranteeing an undisturbed and immersive experience in this extraordinary wildlife sanctuary.

What's included

  • 3 meals per day
  • 2 game drives
  • Select (local) drinks


How to get there

  • 1 hrs


  • Lalibela Game Reserve Tree Tops

    N2 Grahamstown Sidbury 6105

  • Check in at Lalibela Game Reserve Tree Tops

    12:00 on day of arrival

  • Check out at Lalibela Game Reserve Tree Tops

    11:00 on day of departure

Frequently asked questions


  • Excellent

    We stayed at Treetops for three nights so went on six safari drives with Sevi, who was excellent - friendly, knowledgeable and great at finding whatever animals you request. His wife runs the lodge very well - comfy rooms with aircon, good and varied food and a good selection of wines (all included). On the middle day a small herd of elephants arrived to drink from the waterhole underneath the lodge. review

    T. Howard

  • Thrilling

    Our experience was magical. From arriving and having the staff greet us like they had been waiting for us for months to the beautiful lodging, to the top tier food and service, and the unforgettable, friendly, warm, welcoming staff. Sivi, our game drive Captain made our safaris amazing. Our first drive we saw lions and baby cheetahs and elephants. Thinking we couldn’t top that, the next morning we saw buffalo and rhinos and more elephants playing in the water. review

    K. Ford

Lalibela Game Reserve Tree Tops impact highlights

Lalibela embodies the philosophy of "Conservation for conservation's sake," a commitment that extends to various aspects of environmental stewardship. Preservation efforts at Lalibela encompass both native flora and fauna, along with a conscientious approach to reducing waste within the reserve. An ongoing project that exemplifies this dedication involves the meticulous removal of alien wattle trees. In this process, the extracted trees are carefully burned, and the resulting ash is reintegrated into the soil

Water conservation is also prioritized at Lalibela, with an on-site water purification plant. Through an advanced filtration process, water is efficiently managed at the lodges, highlighting a commitment to sustainability in resource utilization. The dedication to wildlife conservation is reinforced by an impassioned team actively involved in protecting the reserve's biodiversity. Lalibela's anti-poaching unit plays a crucial role in safeguarding endangered species from external threats.

Beyond the environmental focus, Lalibela extends its dedication to the local community, with staff originating from the region. The establishment of various initiatives, from feeding schemes to addressing primary healthcare needs, underscores Lalibela's comprehensive approach to conservation. This approach goes beyond the reserve boundaries, positively impacting both the environment and the local community. During the construction of Tree Tops, meticulous care was taken to minimise its impact on the pristine vegetation in the valley.

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