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Kingfisher Cottages


Accommodation options

Pied Kingfisher Eco Cottage
Max 4 Guests
2 single, 1 double

from R 825 / per person per night sharing

Giant Kingfisher Eco Cottage
Max 4 Guests
2 single, 1 double

from R 825 / per person per night sharing

Malachite Kingfisher Stone Cottage
Max 4 Guests
1 twin, 2 sleeper

from R 825 / per person per night sharing

Brown-Hooded Kingfisher Eco Cottage
Max 4 Guests
2 single, 1 double

from R 675 / per person per night sharing

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About Kingfisher Cottages

Kingfisher Cottages in Montagu offers charming and comfortable self-catering accommodation among the scenic beauty of the Klein Karoo region in the Western Cape. There is one stone cottage and three eco-cottages, each thoughtfully designed and equipped with everything needed for a relaxing stay – including cosy bedrooms, well-appointed bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchenette or kitchen allowing guests to prepare their own meals if desired.

Each cottage sleeps up to four people, making it a wonderful choice for friends or families looking to get away together. Outside, guests can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and unwind in their private hot tub, or on the shaded patio, taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and gardens. The property also offers a communal swimming pool, perfect for a refreshing dip on warmer days.

Kingfisher Cottages Setting

The Klein Karoo, also known as the Little Karoo, is a stunning valley that extends for about 350 kilometers, running from Montagu in the western region to Uniondale in the east. It is enveloped by majestic mountains, with the Swartberg Mountains to the north and the unbroken Langeberge and Outeniqua Mountains to the south, encompassing all of the famed Route 62 travellers route.

Located in Montagu, guests at Kingfisher Cottages have easy access to the town's attractions, including hot springs, hiking trails, and vineyards, ensuring plenty of opportunities for exploration and relaxation. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway or a peaceful retreat in the Klein Karoo with family and friends, Kingfisher Cottages provides a serene and comfortable haven in Montagu's picturesque setting.

What's included

  • Accommodation


How to get there

  • 2 hrs

    Cape Town International Airport

  • Kingfisher Cottages

    Langhoogte Farm, PO Box 560, Montagu, 6720

  • Check in at Kingfisher Cottages

    14:00 on day of arrival

  • Check out at Kingfisher Cottages

    10:00 on day of departure

Frequently asked questions


  • Lovely and Homely

    I’m glad I chose to visit Kingfisher Cottages to experience the beauty of the Klein Karoo. The mountain views are amazing and the cottages were so homely. We truly enjoyed our stay at Kingfisher. review


  • Very Peaceful Place

    What a peaceful and amazing farm! We loved every moment of being in Kingfisher Cottages and my kids really enjoyed the walks and picnics. The hosts were also amazing-I would definitely love to visit again. review


Kingfisher Cottages impact highlights

Kingfisher Cottages is a shining example of sustainable architecture and responsible tourism. Tucked among the serene beauty of nature, this eco-conscious retreat showcases a commitment to environmental preservation. The heart of their eco-friendly approach lies in the use of sustainable mudbricks for their cottages. These bricks not only provide excellent insulation but are also made from locally sourced clay, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Moreover, Kingfisher Cottages has eco toilets that employ innovative waste management systems, minimizing water usage and promoting nutrient recycling. This harmonious blend of locally sourced materials, mudbrick construction, and eco-conscious facilities not only offers guests a unique and comfortable stay but also exemplifies a conscientious approach towards minimizing environmental impact and preserving the beauty of the land.

Kingfisher Cottages is leading the way in sustainable fish farming practices. With a commitment to environmental stewardship, they have implemented innovative techniques to ensure their fish farming operations are both eco-friendly and economically viable. Through the use of closed-loop aquaculture systems, responsible water management, and the reduction of harmful chemicals and antibiotics, Kingfisher Cottages Farm produces high-quality fish while minimizing its environmental footprint. By prioritizing sustainability, they not only provide customers with delicious, responsibly sourced seafood but also contribute to the long-term health of aquatic ecosystems and the preservation of our planet's natural resources.

The farm is committed to achieving sustainability across all aspects of its farming and operational practices. Their dedication to sustainability is evident in their pursuit of Net Zero Carbon certification and accreditation, their emphasis on utilizing renewable energy sources, their responsible water supply and usage strategies, as well as their initiatives to clear alien species and manage waste effectively. They leave no stone unturned in their efforts to ensure uncompromised sustainability in every aspect of their operations.

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