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Melozhori Treehouse


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Max 3 Guests
1 double

from R 7000 / per room per night

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About Melozhori Treehouse

Melozhori Treehouse is a true nature-lovers sanctuary, offering couples a scenic retreat on the expansive Melozhori Private Game Reserve in the Western Cape. Designed with romance in mind, the secluded setting and gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape and free-roaming wildlife create an unparalleled experience, where luxury amenities and wonderful activities await.

Running entirely on solar power without compromising on comfort, the split-level Treehouse offers air-conditioning, WiFi, and a fully equipped kitchen with a bean-to-cup coffee machine. There's also a bedroom with a large double bed, a freestanding bathtub with views of the game reserve, and an outdoor shower. The living area upstairs includes a dining area and lounge leading to a balcony with braai facilities, an outdoor shower, and a view-drenched hot tub.

Melozhori Treehouse Setting

Tucked away in the scenic Cape Fold Mountains near the hamlet of Stormsvlei in the Overberg district, Melozhori Private Game Reserve spans 2,300 hectares of undulating hills and mountains. Conveniently located less than a 2-hour drive from Cape Town, guests enjoy clear views of the reserve and surrounding areas. Activities are endless, including guided game drives, hikes, mountain bike trails, and sundowner picnics in the veld. No predators pose a threat— only free-roaming buck and zebra enhance the wilderness experience.

With beginnings as overgrazed farmlands in 2008, Melozhori has since transformed into a diverse landscape comprising succulent Karoo, Renosterveld, and fynbos. With over 38 species of game, 131 bird species, and unique flora and fauna, it's an ideal stop along a journey to the Garden Route. Melozhori Private Game Reserve embodies the beauty of the Western Cape, a region of majestic mountains, valleys, and sandy beaches. Enjoy seclusion and immersion in the pure wilderness at Melozhori Treehouse.

What's included

  • One daily game drive per stay
  • Freshly baked bread and fruit basket upon arrival
  • Firewood, 1 packet of charcoal and firelighters
  • 1 bag of ice
  • Coffee, tea, sugar, 500ml milk


How to get there

  • 3 hrs

    Cape Town

  • Melozhori Treehouse

    R317, Melozhori Private Game Reserve Bonnievale, 1459

  • Check in at Melozhori Treehouse

    14:00 on day of arrival

  • Check out at Melozhori Treehouse

    10:00 on day of departure

Frequently asked questions


  • Private Oasis

    An oasis of conservation in the Western Cape. We loved the accomodation and the warm and friendly staff. The game drives and stargazing from our own private hottub was our favourite part of the trip. review

    W. Jorgenson

  • Best nature experience

    Enjoy special time with the family and being so close to nature. Getting to see such different wildlife so close up was my highlight. Highly recommended holiday! review

    R. Hughes

Melozhori Treehouse impact highlights

Situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa, the Melozhori Treehouse of the Melozhori Game Reserve is a prime example of the positive impact of dedicated conservation efforts on a local ecosystem. The reserve, under the careful stewardship of the Bhorat family since 2008, has evolved into a natural paradise where the once-threatened landscape now thrives with life. The flora, comprising predominantly of Succulent Karoo, rare Renosterveld, and biodiverse Fynbos in the mountainous terrain, has been meticulously preserved. A rich diversity of mammals, including zebra, giraffe, eland, kudu, red hartebeest, sable antelope, waterbuck, bushbuck, black-backed jackal, and the bat-eared fox, roam freely. Notably, the endangered bontebok, once on the brink, now flourishes under the protective umbrella of the reserve. Unique bird species, such as the blue crane, black harrier, and cape vulture, find refuge in this haven.

Moreover, Melozhori actively engages in local conservation initiatives, contributing to the monitoring and protection of the elusive Cape Leopard. Surrounded by farms on all sides, the reserve plays a crucial role in maintaining balance for these diverse plant and animal species. The commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in the reserve's operations, which are powered entirely by solar energy, with a backup generator available for emergencies. Melozhori Private Game Reserve exemplifies the success of the coexistence of conservation, biodiversity, and responsible energy practices in the heart of South Africa.

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